Weather around the World

Weather around the World

Wed, 01/04/2020 - 14:47
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We are truly a global community at the moment, watching COVID-19 numbers rise and fall, whilst largely confined to our own localities - but what is the weather like elsewhere?


There is a big area of high pressure dominating the weather across Europe at the moment, so things from the UK across into Italy and Croatia are looking fine and settled with plenty of sunshine. 

To the north, an area of low pressure is centred over Northern Finland, and it’s trailing fronts are bringing more cloud for Northwest Russia, Poland and across much of Scandinavia, with some heavy outbreaks of rain and snow in western Norway. 

Southern Europe is also unsettled, with wet and windy weather across Spain, Portugal and the Balearic Islands. The heaviest downpours are in northeastern Spain, where there could be as much as 75mm of rain on Wednesday, which would be twice the April average.  

It’s cold in southeast Europe, where another weather system is bringing heavy rain and snow. The top temperature in Athens on Wednesday is only 12°C and in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, it’s just 0°C. 

Some of the unsettled weather over Southern Europe is also affecting Northern Africa, with a fair amount of cloud near the coast and a few showers.

The Sahara Desert is dry, as would be expected, but the showers across Central Africa are now heading north and are currently affecting as the south coast of West Africa, with some particularly lively downpours in Ghana and Nigeria. 

The tropical showers continue through Angola, Zambia and Tanzania, and across Northern Namibia, into Botswana and eastern South Africa. 

The weather is quite quiet across Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles, with only a few light showers, but to the southwest of Diego Garcia, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, there is an active area of thunderstorms. With low vertical wind sheer and a sea surface temperature of around 30°C, the system is expected to become a tropical cyclone and bring some very heavy rain across Diego Garcia before it moves away.

Over Turkey and Georgia and into northern Iraq and western Iran, it’s cloudy with some heavy rain and snow, and there are also some showers also across the east coast of the Mediterranean. Parts of Iraq and northeast Saudi Arabia are very windy, with some places reporting a dust storm with visibilities as low as 800 metres. 

The rest of the Arabian Peninsula is fine and dry, and eastern Iran and Turkmenistan are also settled.

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Thunderstorms are bringing heavy rain and mountain snow to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and some showers are also affecting northern parts of India and Nepal. The rest of India, as well as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar, have mostly clear skies at the moment, and now it’s April, the temperatures are quite high, with New Delhi reaching 32°C. It’s also looking settled across much of China and North and South Korea, but heavy rain is beginning to gather across Southeast China and this will turn heavy over the next few days.

In Japan, a deep area of low pressure is currently crossing the country. Warnings have been issued by Japan’s Meteorological Agency, for strong winds, with red warnings issued for some eastern parts of Honshu. There are also concerns that the mild weather and heavy rain could trigger avalanches.

A few showers are falling in the Philippines, mostly in the east, where they’re delivered by the prevailing winds. A few showers are also likely in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Across Malaysia, Indonesia, Papau New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji, the Intertropical Convergence Zone is bringing heavy downpours, and there is the risk that one or two tropical cyclones may develop in this region over the next few days.

In Australia, a trough crossing the Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria is bring showers and thunderstorms, including for Melbourne, which is having its wettest start to the year for 47 years. Some of those storms are severe, particularly across the Northern Territory at the moment.

New Zealand is seeing light winds and clear skies across most of the country at the moment. It’s fairly warm during the day, with temperatures getting into the low-to-mid-twenties, but at night it’s quite cool with some patches of thick fog forming. 

In North America, a developing weather system over the Northern Rockies will be giving about 10 or 20cm of snow in Saskatoon, Manitoba and the Northern US Plains. An intense area of low pressure is moving away from East Coast, and this will ensure many eastern parts of North America are rather cloudy with a few outbreaks of rain at times. A long cold front dangling from the low pressure will drag across the south coast of Florida, bringing a few showers and cooler air behind it.

The Central Americas are looking quite quiet. A few showers are expected from Eastern Mexico into Panama, but most of the Caribbean islands should be dry.

Across South America, tropical showers are falling across Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and northern Brazil, as would be expected, but these are pretty active at the moment, and the region has already been very wet over recent weeks.

The southern half of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay are largely fine and dry, with just a few showers running onto Brazil’s east coast. 

Northern Argentina is seeing some heavy thundery showers and these will spread northwards during the day. Not only could these give torrential rain, but could also give large hail, strong winds and perhaps an isolated tornado. 

Chile and the rest of Argentina is looking mostly dry, but a few showers are crossing the south. 


This article was contributed to theWeather Club by our guest author, Steff Gaulter.

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