Come Rain or Shine: Free introductory weather course

Come Rain or Shine: Free introductory weather course

Tue, 19/04/2016 - 21:22

The Royal Meterological Society is delighted to be working together with the University of Reading on a Thames Water sponsored FutureLearn course, called “Come Rain or Shine”.

This free, online course will run for three weeks from the 13th June. Get an introduction to the weather and climate of the UK and beyond, from understanding storms to how to do a weather forecast. On this course you will examine the larger scale processes which control the weather and climate globally, as well as weather phenomena in other parts of the world. 

During the three week period, participants will benefit from expert online support, as well as peer-to-peer interaction. The course will take around three hours per week, with learningcoming from a mix of background articles, case studies and practical, video demonstrations – some of which you can try at home.

You do not need any existing knowledge of meteorology, just an interest in learning about the weather. The course is perfect for any trainee or qualified geography teacher, especially since the amount of time devoted to weather within the UK National Curriculum GCSE and A level courses has hugely increased. The course would also be of interest to A level students, as well as anyone else with a general interest in meteorology, who would like to brush up their understanding of our weather. Click here to register for the course or find out more information