BBC launch new weather graphics

BBC launch new weather graphics

Tue, 06/02/2018 - 14:14
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The BBC launched their new TV weather forecast graphics on their lunchtime news today. This follows a staggered roll out of their new weather app and website graphics over the past couple of weeks.  Over the last year the BBC have been working with their new weather services provider, MeteoGroup, to develop the new graphics – the biggest change in more than 10 years.

According to a BBC blog, some of the key changes are:

  • A contemporary design, with consistent maps across all BBC platforms.
  • Reverting to a flat map projection for the regional and UK views.
  • More realistic mapping, including details such as key roads and urban areas.
  • High quality moving graphics showing high resolution data.
  • Customisable forecasts for TV and online, such as adding different layers of data over the maps
  • Forecasts up to 14 days for more UK and international locations online and on the app, and up to a 7 day forecast on TV and radio.
  • New features on the BBC Weather app, such as ‘chance of precipitation’ (sleet, rain or snow) and ‘feels like’ factor which will help you decide how cold it will feel outside.

The BBC will still be working with the Met Office to report their severe weather warnings for the UK, as well as other partners such as the UK’s flood response agencies, The Department of Infrastructure in Northern Ireland, Scottish Environment Protection Agency in Scotland, The Environment Agency in England and Natural Resources Wales for flood risk information and Defra for air quality information. The BBC are also partnering with the University of Leeds National Centre for Atmospheric Science.

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