On This Day: Lynmouth flood of 1952

On This Day: Lynmouth flood of 1952

Tue, 15/08/2017 - 09:14
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Today marks the 65th anniversary of the Lynmouth flood. On 15 - 16 August 1952, an intense storm occurred over southwest England, depositing 229 millimetres of rainfall within 24 hours.

Thunderstorms associated with an orographically-enhanced cold front deposited torrential rain onto already saturated soils and impermeable rock in Exmoor, Devon. Floodwaters carried debris down the steep northern slope of the moor, channelling water into the village of Lynmouth – the confluence of the East and West Lyn rivers. A dam formed of fallen trees in the upper West Lyn valley gave way, sending a huge volume of water and debris down the river.

More than 100 buildings were damaged or destroyed along with 28 bridges. Cars were washed out to sea and the lighthouse collapsed. Sadly 34 people lost their life and 420 were made homeless.

Original footage from the BBC can be viewed here >>


I recall the large flooding around Lynton and Lynmouth in Springtime 1964 with the snowfall get rid of the moors I have read this event when I Buy Dissertation. I've never been captured in a overflow but seen the consequences of many - last big ones were the flooding in Madeira last season and several around Gloucestershire and Worcestershire a few in the past