Climate change panel discussion at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show this Saturday

A panel discussion about climate change will take place at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, which runs 7th-11th June. The panel discussion will take place in the Garden Theatre at 2pm on Saturday 10th June and will be Chaired by Peter Gibbs, Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. Other panel members include: 

The Royal Meteorological Society will also have a stand at the event with a Lego model of a garden to highlight the ‘Microclimates in your Garden’ plus some weather instruments that could be used to measure these microclimates.

The activities are linked to the RHS feature garden ‘Garden for a Changing Climate’, which presents two different scenarios for a small suburban garden, ‘now’ and the ‘future’ when our weather will become increasingly warmer, drier and more turbulent. 

It was inspired by, and is intended to highlight, the RHS report Gardening in a Changing Climate, which looks at how climate change will have an impact on the way we garden, and explores how those changes can be managed.

The garden uses plants that will be able to cope with a new, more intense environment. Walking between the two scenarios the visitor will learn about the report and the science that underpins the selection of plants that are able to cope with the proposed new environment.

Show-goers are given the opportunity to explore how climate change will shape the choices we make when selecting plants that will thrive in a changing environment, and discover how the garden might be designed to respond to more turbulent and unpredictable weather. For example:

  • a canopy could quickly be erected to provide shelter in the event of an unanticipated downpour. In turn, this could captures rainwater and direct it to storage tanks/ponds that can be used in times of drought.
  • on-going research into the development of solar fabrics may also enable the same canopy to convert energy from the sun to pump water through the garden or recharge an electrical vehicle.

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