Hot weather on the way

Temperatures are expected to climb into the mid-30°C's next week and while this is very hot weather for the UK, it's not technically a heatwave as theWeather Club explains.

Here in the UK, there is no official definition of a 'heatwave'. Instead, the definition comes from the World Meteorological Organisation who define a heatwave as "when the daily maximum temperature exceeds the average by 5°C for more than five consecutive days."

As we go into the start of next week, temperatures will very likely be within the low to mid 30°C's, with the warmest conditions expected on Monday and Tuesday. However, that's just for a few days. By the middle of next week, heavy thunderstorms are forecast to bring an end to the hot spell on Wednesday or Thursday with a transition to cooler conditions expected. 

The hot weather forecast is all due to the position of the jet stream. Towards the end of the weekend, the jet stream will track to the north of the UK, allowing high pressure to develop across western Europe. It is these high pressure systems that are associated with settled weather that brings clear skies and dry conditions. Over parts of southern France and Spain, temperatures will hover around 40°C early next week, and it’s this air that will be entrained in the high pressure system and bought across the UK, resulting in temperatures here reaching the mid-30°C's.

Will it be record-breaking? The record to beat was set back on this day, 13 years ago (10th August 2003) with temperatures reaching 38.5°C (101F) in Faversham, Kent.  In comparison, average maximum daytime temperatures for the UK for August is usually around 21°C (61F).