Global Atmospheric Circulation theWeather Club Tue, 04/08/2020 - 10:00

What causes our weather? Why is it much warmer at the Equator than it is at the Poles? What are the trade winds?

As weather enthusiasts, these might be a few questions you find yourself asking. The Earth’s rotation and the Sun are the main causes of the diverse weather experienced in different parts of the world every day. A previous article published on theWeather Club explores the processes involved in creating atmospheric circulation cells and the impact they have on global weather patterns.

What is a Hurricane?

What is a Hurricane?

Tropical Storm Hanna became the first hurricane of 2020 in the Atlantic over the weekend. The hurricane made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Southern Texas on Saturday, bringing extremely heavy rain and risk of flooding to the area. Winds were recorded at 90mph, making it a category 1 hurricane.

What are hurricanes and how are they formed?