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Alberta's wildfires remain out of control theWeather Club Mon, 16/05/2016 - 20:11

Photo: Alberta wildfires as captured from the air SourceBert Shepherd, Flickr

Largest ever spike in CO2 emissions

Photo: Atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii. SourceNOAA

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations grew at their fastest level in 2015, increasing by 3.05 parts per million (ppm) compared with the previous year. 

The measurements were taken from NOAA’s Mauna Loa observatory, based in Hawaii, with detailed records for the last 56 years. 2015 is now the fourth consecutive year where carbon dioxide concentration has exceed 2ppm. 

February 2016 warmest month ever on record theWeather Club Mon, 14/03/2016 - 20:46

Photo: Surface temperature analysis for February 2016 SourceNASA/GISS

Prior to the official statistics being released, February 2016 was already being labelled as the warmest month on record. NASA have now confirmed that global average temperatures for February 2016 were 1.35°C warmer than the mean.