What weather can we expect in June 2016?

Photo: Thunderstorms createa classic Glastonbury in 2014 SourceFlickr, Paul Townsend

Following the dry and mild weather over the Bank Holiday weekend, the weather turned much more unsettled for the final day of May. What can we expect for June?

For the UK as a whole, the average maximum temperature for June is 17.3C. South-East and Central-Southern England, as well as East Anglia are the two regions that typically experience the warmest temperatures during June, with a daytime average of 19.6C. In terms of record-breaking weather, the hottest June temperatures climbed to 35.6C in June 1976 in Southampton Mayflower Park. 

In contrast, the average UK minimum temperatures for June is 8.8C. Northern Scotland is the region of the UK with the lowest average minimum temperature at 7.3C. Nunraw Abbey, in East Lothian holds the record for the coldest June temperatures at 5.1C, recorded on 2nd June 1975. 

Rainfall in June for the UK is typically 71mm. However, depending on your location this can vary significantly. Over southern England, rainfall amounts of 55mm are normal for June, but regions further north, such as western Scotland can typically expect up to 100mm of rain over the 30 day period.  

Looking back to extreme weather events in the past, June 2007 and 2012 were two particularly wet years with widespread flooding across the UK. In 2007, parts of central England received up to three times the normal rainfall amount, flooding parts of the Glastonbury site, delaying thousands of people leaving the festival. Although the heavy rain in 2012 provided much needed relief from the 2010-2012 England and Wales drought, too much rain caused problems at the other end of the spectrum with waterlogging, landslides and widespread flooding. Notable one-day accumulations include 208mm at Honister Pass, Cumbria on 22 June 2012. 

Back in 2004, a deep depression tracked across Wales and northern England on 23rd June, getting down to 982 hPa, making it one of the deepest depressions recorded in June over England and Wales. Heavy rain and showers continued in the days to follow, cancelling all tennis at Wimbledon on the Saturday for only the third time in its history, resulting in Wimbledon hosting ‘Peoples’ Sunday’. 

The extended 30 day forecast for June (at the minute!) is hinting towards humid conditions in the south at times, with some warmer periods of weather. However, unsettled spells of weather will bring showers and longer periods of rain for more northern and western areas of the UK.