Mist theWeather Club Fri, 29/09/2017 - 13:11

Mist is the suspension of microscopic water droplets in the atmosphere near the surface, where visibility is >=1km (if visibility is <1km it is defined as fog) and relative humidity is ~>95%. 

Find out about the different between fog and mist here >>

Elvis is alive and well and in Porthcawl

At the weekend I was in Porthcawl in Wales at an Elvis festival.  It’s best not to ask why but suffice to say I wasn’t a participant, just an observer.  Elvis was everywhere, and for some reason I found myself strangely drawn to the Elvis look-a-like dog show.  I can safely say I have never seen anything quite like it and frankly hope to never again.  There was no escape, not even in the chip shop, where Elvis serenaded us through our large cod, chips and peas.