Morning glory

Rare, elongated cloud bands (visually similar to a roll cloud, or arcus cloud) that usually appear in the morning hours, when the atmosphere is relatively stable. Morning glory clouds result from perturbations related to gravitational waves in a stable boundary layer. They are similar to surfave water ripples with several parallel morning glories often seen spreading in the same direction. 

Monsoon theWeather Club Tue, 24/10/2017 - 13:27

A seasonal shift in wind direction that brings alternate very wet and very dry seasons to India and much of South-East Asia. It is a thermally-driven wind arising from differential heating between a land mass and the adjacent ocean that reverses its direction seasonally.


The climate of a small area, such as a garden, a location near a body of water, a valley or a city can be distinct from that in the general, surrounding region. The spatial scale microclimates can manifest over can vary from a few square metres up to several square kilometres.


The science and study of the physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the atmosphere and atmospheric phenomena, and the effects of the atmosphere upon the Earth. A meteorologist is a scientist who studies meteorology. The term was first used by Aristotle.