The jet stream: chicken or egg?

Simeone Reginald asks: "When I look at forecast maps on that show the height of the 500mb layer and then look at the forecasts of the position of the jet stream, I notice that the jet stream almost always follows the dividing lines between the colder and warmer upper air masses. Does the position of the warm and cold upper air masses determine the route of the jet stream, or does the jet stream determine the position of the cold and warm upper air masses? Which is the chicken and which the egg?"

Head in the Clouds

Dr Jo Elworthy is Director of Interpretation at the Eden Project. Jo has worked at Eden since its inception and is dedicated to sharing the amazing workings of our planet Earth with Eden’s visitors: ‘Visiting the rainforest and experiencing weather and finding out about the relationship between rainforests and climate first hand can help transform our understanding of our world and how we interact with it.’ Here, Jo takes us on a journey to ‘The Weather Maker’ in the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project.