The start of the experiment: Liz spends the morning on the BBC, wondering if anyone is listening. They are.

People often ask me, ""How did you become so interested in the weather?"" I guess it is the same reason why so many of us are fascinated by the wind and rain – our weather in the UK is so changeable. It keeps you on your toes whether you're forecasting the weather or just watching the forecasts. My interest just seemed to grow the more I found out about the weather and I feel very fortunate to have had a career in meteorology.

On the road: Early starts, Eammon Holmes and some very young meteorologists

The Great British Weather Experiment got into full swing today with the start of our tour around Britain in Daphne, the VW campervan. Daphne is becoming more famous than theWeather Club, as people admire her sleek blue interior and ask me about the size of her engine. Who can complain, though, as she glides us from one location to next, as we visit 16 cities in the next 8 days.