The magical mystery tour: theWeather Club arrives in Liverpool

Yesterday all my troubles seem so far away but ... here comes the sun and I say it's alright – doo-bee-doo-bee. So we must be in Liverpool and Albert Docks to be precise. The Lib Dem conference starts tomorrow at the Echo Arena so the place is buzzing. Breakfast radio on BBC Merseyside and a chance to meet people down at the docks and then we were on our way again. The media interest has led to a number of schools getting in touch and asking if Daphne and theWeather Club can visit their school. So we have added an extra school to the tour – St Thomas of Cantebury in Salford.

Member profile: Cathrene Rowell


Why did you join theWeather Club?

At the time of joining, I was studying the Open University's short course ""Understanding the Weather"" as part of my BSc in Geosciences. I was interested in understanding more about weather patterns, weather related-events and what determines and drives the weather on a daily basis. I soon became obsessed with monitoring the local weather, and invested in a weather station! The Weather Club was advertised on the course website at the time, and I thought it looked like a nice accompaniment to my new hobby!

Daphne joins theWeather Club: Meet our latest recruit - a VW Campervan called Daphne

It's great to be able to introduce Daphne as a new member of theWeather Club. But Daphne is no ordinary member, she's a VW campervan. With stunning turquoise blue paint work and cloud stickers all over her, she comes fitted and ready to take on a tour of Britain this week.

Onwards and upwards: theWeather Club's system moves over the Midlands

Thanks to the nice men at the AA, Daphne the campervan lives to fight another day. An early start in Oxford, first to do some local radio then down to Broad Street to enthuse the early morning commuters about the wonders of weather. It still surprises, and I'm a meteorologist, how many people just want to stop and chat about the weather – the summer heatwave on the Continent, weather in Boston during the fall and the autumnal chill in the air. We are quite literally obsessed with the weather.