Book review: Weather in 30 seconds

By Dr. Jen Green and Prof Adam Scaife, 
Ivy Kids, £9.99, Publication date: 2015, 96 pages, 
Recommended age range: 8-14 

A lovely short book, with short, accurate explanations, including ideas for simple experiments and calculations to demonstrate atmospheric processes, plus some helpful illustrations. It was a great idea to put a glossary at the start of each section.

Nacreous clouds

Image: Nacreous clouds over Aberdeen on 29th January  
Credit: Stephane Gentile, Associate Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

Several rare sightings of nacreous clouds have been reported over the last few days, delighting cloudspotters, with photographs of the clouds coming from England and Scotland.

Six of the most catastrophic weather events in British history: Image: Frost fair on the River Thames in London, 1683, during the 'Little Ice Age'


1) ‘De Grote Mandrenke’, 1362 

2) Europe’s bitterly cold winter, 1407–8

3) The Great Tudor Drought, 1540–41 

4) The Lewes Avalanche, 1836

5) The Great Tempest of 1703

6) The Climate Crisis, 1815–17

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