Ted Baker Interview with Dr Catherine Muller

tWC Editor, Dr Catherine Muller, was recently interviewed for a special edition newspaper which will be handed out in the Ted Baker Store in Heathrow Terminal 3 to mark the launch of their new weather-themed store decor. Here’s what she had to say:

Q. Can you tell us a little about you, your position at the Royal Meteorological Society, and how you got there?


Taking its name from the Latin for dawn, aurora is the phenomenon of visible light being emitted by the high atmosphere, caused when charged particles emitted by the sun are deflected by the Earth’s permanent magnetic field. In Britain, aurora usually appears as a grey-white glow on the northern horizon. The terms ‘aurora borealis’ (or northern lights) and ‘aurora australis’ (or southern lights) are applied to the occurrence of aurora in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively.

Message Impossible? Tell us how you would re-design the UK’s weather forecasts!

Our ability to reliably predict the weather days or even a season ahead is easy to take for granted because weather forecasts are part of our daily lives. Weather forecasts can be found everywhere, on TV and radio and increasingly on our smartphones and other internet connected devices. As our ways of consuming weather forecast information become more diverse and more targeted at individuals, weather forecasts have to adapt to fit in with these changes.Weather forecasting is having to adapt to keep up with how we want to consume it