A Rainbow of Art and Science

Constable - Sailsbury cathedral from the meadows

The Tate Britain Gallery have recently acquired 'Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows' by the artist John Constable. The Aspire programme led by the Tate has seen the painting tour the country and has looked to further research into the science and culture surrounding its significance. A number of essays were commissioned which have now been published on the Tate website. One of the essays re-examines the solar geometry of the rainbow in the painting and suggests that it represents a rainbow that could have occurred (in theory not in reality) on the day his best friend ArchDeacon John Fisher died. Indeed the rainbow rests on John Fisher's house in the Close of the Cathedral. 

This Saturday meeting, organised jointly by the Royal Meteorological Society and Tate Britain, takes Constable's rainbow as the starting point and then examines the role of the rainbow in art and poetry as well as looking at the latest rainbow science and how best to photograph a rainbow and other optical effects. Also the development of a 'rainbow app' will be explored and a number of contemporary artists will also show a rainbow of their art.

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