Great Storm of 1987

Date: Monday 16th October

Time: 7pm

Location: University of Leeds Business School

Speaker: Peter Gibbs, Former Met Office and BBC Forecaster


The Yorkshire Local Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society invites you to a special talk by Peter Gibbs, former Met Office and BBC forecaster, to mark the 30th anniversary of The Great Storm of 1987.

On the morning of the 16th October 1987, much of southern England woke to scenes of devastation. Some 15 million trees lay flattened, hundreds of thousands were without power, transport links at a…

WeatherLive Poster

Where? Central Hall Westminster, London
When? Saturday 4th November 2017

WeatherLive is a new event for the Society and is the ultimate day out for weather enthusiasts. This one-day conference in London will focus on three main sessions; photography, the 1987 storm and gardening in a changing climate. A host of respected speakers will present throughout the day, sharing experiences and knowledge include well-known names such as Michael Fish and Peter Gibbs. 

Programme and registration details available here…

Constable - Sailsbury cathedral from the meadows

The Tate Britain Gallery have recently acquired 'Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows' by the artist John Constable. The Aspire programme led by the Tate has seen the painting tour the country and has looked to further research into the science and culture surrounding its significance. A number of essays were commissioned which have now been published on the Tate website. One of the essays re-examines the solar geometry of the rainbow in the painting and suggests that it represents a rainbow that could have occurred (in theory not in reality) on the day his best friend ArchDeacon John…