Weather Applications

Paul Hardaker on the future of public weather forecasting:

Each year, as a member of the public, you pay for a public weather service. You won’t have been sent a receipt for this or noticed it appearing in your list of direct debits. That’s because it is a range of different government departments that pay for this on your behalf – and what excellent value you get for it. These departments meet together as the Public Weather Service Customer Group to make sure that public interests are represented, that the services are of a high quality and that they are value-for-money to you, me and every other taxpayer.

Weather & me: Mick Hunt of Lord's cricket ground: The MCC's head groundsman on weather and cricket

As a child, like millions of other people across the globe, I would curl up under the covers"long after I should have been asleep" and listen to the drama unfolding from what to me was theworld's greatest sporting cathedral. Lord's is the headquarters of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the spiritual home of cricket. It is where the laws that defined the game were written and where the spirit of the game was enshrined. Ask any aspiring cricketer to choose a ground they would like to play at one day and you would get the same answer: Lord's.

A year of extremes

BBC TV weather presenter Helen Willetts on an exciting six months at work

Everybody tells me: “Mums return to work for a break.” Well having returned to work six months ago following maternity leave, I have to say they’re wrong - it’s been nothing of the sort. In fact, it’s been a very demanding period for weather forecasting period. But if I’m honest, that’s one of the main attractions of my job.